Sylvia Peter


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Since 1998 I focus my artwork on the world of plants. My oeuvre comprises plant portraits of large scale as well as small cabinet pieces. Through a purchase by the Shirley Sherwood Collection I got in contact with the international community of Botanical Artists; meanwhile I am member of the SFIB and the ASBA. Together with my husband Michael Junginger I founded the Forum Botanische Kunst, a gallery that specializes in art about plants.


Acrylique sur bois, Aquarelle


  • Sherwood, Dr.Shirley et Kress, Dr. W. John „The Art of Plant Evolution“, London 2010
  • Peter, Sylvia et Stein, Norbert « Fliegen und Landen“,  Forum Botanische Kunst, Thüngersheim 2009
  • Hücking, Dr. Renate „Blumenmalerinnen“, Callwey München 2012

Ses illustrations